About us

About us

Exacta Normalije

Exacta Normalije d. o. o. is a family, high-tech, development, production and sales company founded in 1982. The company is engaged in the production and development of precise elements and tools for all industries. We offer lasting, comprehensive and reliable solutions that we achieve through project management. From sketch to product. We play an important role in almost all technologies from small elements to cars and aircraft. Wherever you contact, you can find the use of our tools - on earth and in the air.

The company was founded by Lado Prešern, whose knowledge was further enhanced by his son Thomas Prešern, who is now in charge of the company. The dynamics of the company's management gives us the sharpness and the ability to adapt quickly and respond to the needs of the market.

The advantage of our company is comprehensive engineering, which is reflected in the quality of the final design, the professionalism of the manufacturing process, accuracy and trustworthy reliability. We offer comprehensive, cutting-edge and innovative solutions. The products are known for their long lifetime and high performance. We produce all the standard dimensions of the products, as well as non-standard ones.

Tradition of innovation

In 1982, we began to produce piercing elements, and later we added the production of ejection needles, gauges and pins. New ideas and knowledge lead to further development. By investing in education and training, we increase the professional competence and education of employees, which significantly influences the willingness to accept challenges and manage change.

The accuracy and reliability of our products are the results of decades of experience in manufacturing with high precision. Production technology is based on the experience of the experts of our company and gives our clients the confidence they need. All of our products are quality and quickly available. Even according to your ideas.

With tradition, development and many years of experience, we have become an important and trusted company. Therefore, we are constantly investing in new technologies, developing and maintaining high standards of quality of our services.

Mission and vision

We present a socially responsible and ethical company with the thought of employees and users of our products. Our vision lies in the continuous technological development, training and consideration of the most stringent standards of environmental protection, safety, and of course quality. We work with carefully selected suppliers.

In relations with customers and partners, we will continue to cultivate the values of good business relations, support the development and use of modern technological solutions. Real business decisions, penetration into new markets and orientation towards development are decisive factors that make our company today one of the most successful companies in its field. We believe that by behaving responsibly towards people and influencing the environment, we continue to ensure the successful growth of the company.

We are consolidating the position of one of the leading tool-making companies in Slovenia and Europe by creating synergies of knowledge and experience. All for the ultimate satisfaction of our customer.


We are committed to the tradition, reliability, lasting cooperation and technical progress of products. This enables us to acquire knowledge, ability, innovation, hard work and ingenuity.

We are a modern and dynamic company, aware that the only correct way to reaching top results is creating an atmosphere that motivates employees to creativity and efficiency. Therefore, we invest in ambitious, pervasive, reliable and professionally qualified personnel and are mutually encouraged to find new ways to satisfy our customers. We believe that with the rapid response and the ability to adapt to their wishes and needs, we strengthen the company's reputation. Teamwork organization, flexible working hours and environmentally friendly production are the standard for our employees.

As a modern company, we are oriented towards a high-quality offer, intended for the most demanding buyers and the market. We are strengthening business relations with foreign and domestic partners and strive for the highest possible visibility in Slovenia and international markets.


In the interests of practical adaptation to the demands of the market and the full management of business processes, we introduced a comprehensive quality assurance system according to ISO 9001.

The obtained certificates confirm that our work is quality and that we are a reliable partner.

ISO Certificat ISO 9001: 2015 is based on eight quality management principles:
• Focus on customers
• Leadership,
• The involvement of employees
• Process approach,
• System approach to management,
• Continuous improvement,
• Decision-making based on facts
• Mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers.


Company history

Our corporate culture comes from the family company Exacta Normalia d. o. o. and is embedded in the environment from the beginning to the present. The notes of today's Exacte Normal d. o. o. go back to 1982 when Lado Prešern, after 17 years of working and living in Germany, decided to return to Slovenia, more precisely to his birthplace - Žirovnica. In 1982, he set up his workshop in his home as a toolmaker and continued his work in Germany. The sons Robert and Thomas assisted his work. The first stand-alone equipment was modest. Over the years, we have been perfecting, developing and adapting to the customers on the market. In 2012, with the construction of our business facility in the business center Žirovnica, we increased the production as well as the scope of operations. In all these years, we have developed into a recognized, high-tech specialized company. Today, the company has more than 10 employees.

Important milestones

Lado Prešern founded an independent company - tool shop.


Specialization in tools - production of ejection and piercing needles for tooling and pins.


Expansion of production - investment in machines. Erosion and Immersion.


Restructuring into Exacta normalije d.o.o..


Moving to a new office building in the business zone Žirovnica. We have activated a new web site www.exacta.si.


Restructuring in leadership - guided by son Thomas Prešern. Acquisition of key customers on the Slovenian-European market. Refresh the corporate image of the company and create a complex catalog of tools.Refresh the corporate image of the company and create a complex catalog of tools.


Obtaining the ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Certificate.


Investing in a new lab for precision control and taking decisive action that is consistent with the strategic direction of the organization »Precision Solutions for Tools«.


Upgrading CNC grinding machine for more precise and faster production. The successful re-certification of the company followed this according to the ISO 9001 standard


Upgrading our web site. ... Extension of production by purchasing a new CNC punching machine.


Acquisition of two additional certificates - ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System Implementation Certificate and ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Management System Certificate

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